Gymnastics for All Ages in Valatie, New York

Gymnastics for All Ages in Valatie, New York

Keep your kids active in a structured, safe environment

At KJ's Gymnastics, we take pride in assisting your child’s development through the sport of gymnastics. Your child will gain social skills and confidence while learning balance, agility, posture and strength. In all of our co-ed classes, each child works at their own skill level, and has the full support and encouragement of our team. We offer classes of all types for all ages, including:

Preschool (18 mos.-Three years)
In our preschool classes, your child will learn skills to prepare for their eventual schooling. KJ's Gymnastics’ team works to develop coordination, along fine and gross motor skills, using gymnastics equipment and props.

School Age (Kindergarten-5th Grade)
These classes are separated by age and ability, where each child works on a goal setting at their own level. KJ’s beginner courses focus on basic cartwheels, handstands and rolls. Our intermediate class is for children who have mastered the basic skills, and is ready for more concentrated work. Intermediate and advance classes introduce your child to skills like walkovers and handsprings.

6th Grade and Up
Our gymnastics classes for older students run the gamut from beginner to advanced, and offer concentrations on skills according to each student’s individual skill level. Build confidence, balance and strength with KJ’s Gymnastics coaches, while socializing and gaining life skills.

There’s something fun for everyone at KJ's Gymnastics. Call or email us for class schedules!