Payment Policies

Summer Session Payment Plan

Our summer session runs for 7 weeks during the months of July and August at KJ’s. It is separate from our school year classes because our enrollment decreases, so the schedule changes and you will have to re-enroll. One benefit of our summer session is that we offer a flexy schedule. This means that you can pay for 5, 6, or 7 weeks, depending on your summer vacation plans, and miss the weeks you are away with no penalty. Also, if you would like to pay monthly for summer classes, we will split the total amount in half, depending on the number of weeks you come. Half will be due upfront to secure the spot, and the other half will be due mid-session. Please indicate this request when you enroll by typing in the "Anything Else We Need to Know Box?"

Fees & Payment Plans

All Families will be charged an anniversary fee. This fee is good for one year, and it allows KJ’s to offer our classes at a discounted rate for members. It also gives our members discounts on many events at our gym such as $25 off birthday parties, and other discounts on Parents Night Outs, Open workouts and more! If you have not paid the membership fee within the last calendar year, the membership fee will automatically be added to your bill when enrolling and it is due upfront to hold your child's spot in the class. If your membership fee is not due at the time of enrollment, you will be charged during the month of your anniversary date and membership will be due along with your monthly tuition payment.

Families get 10% off 2nd child's tuition, and 20% off 3rd child's tuition, and 30% off 4th. The larger discount always applies to the tuition rate of lesser amount.

This is our most popular payment plan and allows the most flexibility for our customers. You can start any time and you will be pro-rated for your first pay period. For our 2018-2019 school year, our billing schedule has changed from a 10 month to a 9 month schedule, so monthly payments now cover a period from the 16th of the current month through the 15th of the following month. ie. Oct. 16th-Nov. 15th. Monthly tuition is a flat rate that stays the same whether there are 3, 4, or 5 classes in the payment period. After your first month, tuition is a flat rate and due by the 1st of the month before the following payment period ie. tuition due on March 1st covers the payment period from March 16th-April 15th. You are not locked in to a set number of months, and you may drop at the end of any payment period by notifying us in writing or by utilizing the Parent Portal Drop feature by the 1st of the month before you drop (see our Drop Policy for more information). If you fail to pay by the deadline, or notify us in writing why you cannot pay by the deadline, your child will be dropped from class at the end of the last paid payment period ie. if you were enrolled for the month of March 16th-April 15th but failed to pay by April 1st for the following period, your child will be dropped from class after April 15th. You may still re-enroll, but if you are dropped, there is no guarantee your spot will be saved in the class.

This payment plan offers our greatest discount of $30 off tuition, and it allows you never have to worry about missing a payment during the school year. Please note that this payment plan covers the full school year session, from the second week of September through the middle of June (complying with most school schedules) but not the full 12 months of a calendar year. Our summer session is not included because our schedule changes and so enrollment and payment is done separately from the school year session.

If you would like to pay for multiple months in advance, yet not the full year, please make a note of how many months you'd like to pay in advance in the "Anything Else We Need to Know?" box when enrolling, or by emailing We can often set up a custom payment plan if you know your schedule and would like to pay for a set number of months upfront.